wild animals

Many state, county and city ordinances prohibit the ownership of wild animals as pets. Keeping wild animals as pets may be harmful.

Many can bite, scratch, and attack an owner, youngsters, or friends. Animal house owners could be legally liable for any damage, injuries or diseases attributable to animals they keep. Finding new properties for big, exhausting-to-handle animals can be tough, if not impossible, notably since most zoos are unable to just accept them. Wild animals have lived for 1000’s of years with out the direct influence of people. They are adapted for survival in complicated, wild environments.

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Wild animals have complicated behavioral, social, dietary and psychological wants. Most people can’t meet the needs of wild animals saved as pets. Wild animals must be with members of their own species. We’ve heard of pets saving their homeowners, but what about wild animals saving complete strangers? Wild dolphins, porpoises, and deer have saved people.

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Kids set sail with Spin, National Geographic’s animated globe-on-the-go on a tour to visit the bizarre, fantastic, and wet wildlife that stay and visit magical islands. Madagascar, New Zealand, and Australia are just some of the stops as children meet lemurs, chameleons, and Tasmanian Devils- who’ve uniquely tailored to their unique environments.

wild animals

We’ve seen the damage that may be accomplished when irresponsible and uneducated citizens acquire exotic animals to maintain as pets. Although there could also be uncommon circumstances the place families have lived with exotic animals with out being physically harmed, these pets are still wild animals that deserve their freedom. They’re not suited to be pets, but sadly once they’re raised in captivity they will by no means be launched again into the wild.