When Should Your Horse Wear Horse Reflective Gear?

Horse owners know that you can often enjoy riding your mount in two different settings. Riders utilize arenas when showing horses or when taking or giving riding lessons. The other possibility includes riding outdoors over trails or open countryside. Certain types of training, such as three-day eventing, require schooling and conditioning the horse while outside in fields. When you choose to ride out, it can benefit both horse and rider when you outfit your horse with reflective gear specifically designed for equine use. Three typical areas where you might routinely ride provide the perfect environments where reflective equipment can improve safety for all concerned.

1. Riding on Roadways

Riding your horse on the edge of a roadway requires much due diligence to keep horses, riders and drivers safe. When you want to improve your and your horse’s visibility, you can use horse reflective gear such as warning lamps. These round, battery-operated discs can attach to your boots or stirrups or to the horse’s bridle, where they provide a steady light source. The use of such devices helps to increase your visibility to drivers. If they can see you as soon as possible, it gives the drivers more time to slow down and allow room for them to pass safely.

2. Riding in Woods

Increasing visibility while riding in the woods or cross-country training helps keep you and your horse safe. Utilizing reflective gear, like a horse breastplate featuring a bright neon finish, allows hunters and hikers in the woods to see you from a distance and change course as needed to prevent accidents.

3. Riding Near Pedestrians

Sometimes horses and riders share the trail with people, bicycles and dogs. In these high-traffic situations, safety increases when your horse wears a reflective breastplate and you don a reflective vest or jacket. This reflective equipment and clothing allow pedestrians to see you at a distance and move aside.

Horse reflective gear offers an easy solution for improving your safety while riding outdoors. Consequently, increasing your and your horse’s visibility can create a more pleasant ride while enjoying the outdoors.

When Should Your Horse Wear Horse Reflective Gear?