Simple Ways to Take Care of Puppies

Having a puppies you just had is just as exciting as having a cute and adorable new family member. But unfortunately, this happiness doesn’t last long. Because having a puppy you just brought into the house will usually bring its own problems later in life if you are not really ready to take care of it. Here are simple ways to care for a puppy:


Make Your Home Feel Safe and Comfortable For Him

Show your puppies that your home is a very comfortable and safe home for him, so he will love his new place. Give attention and affection to him by holding the puppies body with two hands and bringing the puppies body close to you, then place one hand on the lower back of the puppies body and the other hand under his chest so he feels safe when you hold. Dogs are instinctively social creatures, so they need your attention, so if you have other pets, you should first keep your pet away from the puppies.

Provide a Comfortable Place

Don’t forget to provide a special place for your puppies, whether it’s a basket, cage or covered bed so that the puppies feels comfortable and safe in its place. Don’t forget to add a clean towel as a base.

Pay Attention to your Puppies Nutrition

Newborn puppies will usually receive all their nutrition from their mother’s milk for the first four weeks. After that, solid foods can be added gradually to their diet until the puppies no longer needs milk at 6 or 8 weeks of age. A puppies usually needs much more nutrition than an adult dog, so in the second month the puppies weight will double. These nutrients are needed for development and play, so even if they have been given adequate nutrition, the puppies stomach will remain relatively small.

Simple Ways to Take Care of Puppies