Recommended Horse Jump Cups

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pair of horse jump cups. Most importantly, you should choose one that’s made to last. Because your horse will be using the jump cups outdoors, you’ll want to look for durable rubber-coated ones that will last for years. The best horse jump cups also allow for easy adjustment. They are versatile enough to fit any training regimen. This article will give you a brief overview of the best options.

Modern horse jump cups are lightweight and shallow

When it comes to choosing horse jump cups, you have several options. Shallow jump cups are recommended for beginners, children, and green horses, while deep ones are best for more advanced riders. Shallow cups make rails fall more easily. Gate cups are designed to hang planks or gates and have an even resting surface, while deep ones require more force to dislodge. Look for a shallow cup with smooth edges for maximum safety.

Showjumper competitions require a pair of horses to clear a course in the specified time. Falls, going off the path, and knocking down the rails are time faults. Jumps are typically higher than hunter jumps, and distances are tighter. These courses are designed to test athleticism, trust, and jumping ability. Jump cups used for show jumping are often lightweight and shallow. There are many options for a show jump, including inflatable cups.

They are made in the U.S. from waterproof high-density plastic

There are several types of jump cups, including pinless, standard, and breakaway. Pinless jump cups are easier to use than standard pinned jump cups, and they come in many different colors. Reversible plastic jump cups double as deep and flat top cups. Recommended horse jump cups are made in the U.S. from waterproof high-density plastic.

Safety release cups allow the jump rails to fall off under a specified weight. There are different depths of safety release cups, and deeper ones are used for hunter fences. Shallower cups are easier to use and allow the rails to fall more easily. The USEF recommends a cup depth of.7 to 1.18 inches. Shallow jump cups are more appropriate for gates and planks.

They are maintenance-free

The Pro-Series (TM) Range of horse jump cups are patented reversible composites made in North America from 25% recycled impact-resistant composite materials. These jump cups have been rigorously tested for years, including in extreme temperatures (-40C), sunlight, and abrasion. These jump cups have been in use for over 12 years, with no sign of wear and tear. They are also easily adjustable, so you can easily fit them into any training program.

Horse jump cups come in several different styles. There are metal cups, pinless cups, and keyhole cups. The latter has a pin that secures the jump pole. The former type is often enamel coated, while the latter requires holes in the standard and pin. The pinless type allows for easy height adjustment, and they are available in a variety of colors. A reversible type is a good option if you use them often.

They are reversible

Reversible horse jump cups provide exceptional value. The pole side is designed for Jumper and Hunter classes. The plank/gate side is flat and works for both classes. Each side comes with its color code, so you can choose the one that best fits your rider. Reversible cups can be stacked up to two high. For added safety, reversible cups can be machine-washed. For optimal performance, wash them before and after each use.

Choose the depth of your reversible cup carefully. You may want one that is shallow for the youngest riders or green horses. A deep cup will require more force to remove the pole. There are also gate cups for hanging planks and gates. You can purchase a cup with smooth edges to prevent any potential injuries. While most reversible horse jump cups are reusable, others may need to be replaced every few years.

They require a keyhole track

FEI-approved breakaway horse jump cups are available in pin and keyhole styles. In addition, they are available in three depths: 1.5″ for eventing and jumpers, 1″ for hunters, and 3/4″ for riders who prefer a lower depth. The adapter is included in the package or can be purchased separately. FEI-approved breakaway jump cups are the first of their kind in the United States.

Next-Day Jumps’ plastic keyhole jump cups are made of ultra-tough nylon and are easy to move with one hand. They fit most keyhole tracks and are available in three depths. The keyhole tracks are 48 inches long and are easily attached. Keyhole tracks are sold separately. For more details, visit the Next Day Jumps website. To buy these jump cups, visit their official website.

Recommended Horse Jump Cups