Recognize the 4 Differences between Persian and Angora Cats

The difference between Persian and Angora cats is in almost all parts of the body. Don’t be afraid if you find it difficult to tell the difference. Both types of cat do have long and thick fur. However, the similarities don’t stop there. In fact Persian and Angora cats have a number of differences, ranging from behavior, body needs, and activity levels. Here we describe 4 differences between Persian and Angora cats.

Knowing the difference between Persian and Angora cats is usually necessary when you are planning to adopt a cat. These two types of cats do have a very adorable appearance so it’s easy to make people who see them immediately fall in love.

By knowing the differences between these two cats, you can determine what breed of cat is the most suitable and you really want to keep as a pet.

See 4 Differences Between Persian Cats and Angora Cats

Persian and Angora cats are two different types of cats. Therefore, the characteristics and needs will also be different. Here are some differences between the two cats that you need to know:

Care and Hair

Persian cats are known to have long and thick fur and are composed of 2 layers, namely the top layer and the bottom layer. In order to prevent tangles and the formation of hair balls, it is recommended that you regularly comb the fur every day. Also make sure to always bathe this cat regularly in order to keep it clean.

Usually, Angora’s fur is not as long as that of Persia. However, this type of cat’s coat is usually less tangled and smoother. In order for the Angora cat’s fur to be neat, it is recommended that you comb the fur at least once or twice a week.

Physical Character

One of the striking differences between these two cats is in the shape of the face. Persian cat is known to have a flatter face shape, short, and has a short nose.

While the Angora cat has a nose that tends to be sharper and with a distinctive head shape. Persians have eyes that are round and large, then they are quite far apart. While the location of the ears is low and close to the head.

In the Angora cat, they have almond-shaped eyes and are tilted upwards. Then, the position of the ears of this cat is close together and often Angora has a different eye color.

The location of the difference between Persian and Angora cats is also in body size. Angora cats tend to be slimmer with long tail hairs. Meanwhile Persian cats have a more muscular body shape coupled with short legs and short and thick tails.


The next difference is in their temperament. The Abggora cat is known to be a friendly and affectionate cat. This type of cat is known to be intelligent, active, independent, and has a hunting instinct.

Angora cats prefer high places, so they may climb a lot. While the Persian cat is softer, sweeter, and likes calm. This cat breed likes to get gentle treatment from its owner.

Risk of Health Problem

The majority of purebred cats have very good health conditions. But, susceptible to certain gene disorders. Both Persian and Angora are said to have heart problems.

Then, eye diseases also often appear, especially in Persian cats. Because the protruding and large eyes make him vulnerable to irritation and eye infections.

Those are the 4 differences between Persian and Angora cats that you need to know. How, it’s easy enough not to tell the difference? Hopefully the above review is useful and thank you.

Recognize the 4 Differences between Persian and Angora Cats