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It is an operating cattle ranch and we elevate roughly 18 species of exotic animals, most of which are available on the market. We take pride in raising solely the finest high quality animals which receive the best of care and food out there.

More frequent animals like rabbits usually are not thought-about unique. Small non-mammalian animals corresponding to reptiles, birds, fish, and amphibians—e.g. lizards, snakes, turtles, goldfish, canaries, and frogs—are stored as pets. It has been estimated that as many as 15,000 primates are kept by non-public people as pets within the United States. Nine states ban the keeping of non-human primates, but no federal regulation regulates ownership. In 1975, the Center for Disease Control prohibited their import into the US for use as pets. The breeding business makes use of descendants of animals imported earlier than 1975.

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We welcome any inquiries concerning the availability of our animals. Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit that is devoted to preserving the lives of abused, uncared for and deserted unique animals through rescue, rehabilitation and training. By partnering with our community we will change animals lives and encourage future generations to protect our wildlife. The ideal candidate ought to have experience caring for avian and exotic animals, or basic knowledge of fundamental requirements for birds, reptiles, and small mammals. Small unique pets embody marsupials like flying squirrels, Chacoan pygmy opossums, and sugar gliders, in addition to different mammals like ferrets and hedgehogs.

exotic animal

Our sanctuary is thought for hosting a variety of wildlife in a natural surroundings that mimics their actual habitat while preserving them secure. Our USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife certified facility is the perfect place to take care of exotic animals, elevate baby monkeys, and educate those who are excited about our finger monkey for sale. Wisconsin is certainly one of four states with basically no legal guidelines about preserving harmful wild animals as pets. Various efforts have been made in the state Legislature to ban certain unique animals, but all have didn’t cross. Zoonotic disease is known to happen in a small variety of unique pets.

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Department of Agriculture, the National Animal Control Association, the American Zoo and Aquarium Association and the CDC all discourage the non-public ownership of sure unique animals. Animals that are captive-bred within the United States don’t have any danger of contracting any harmful disease as they are not uncovered to it in any way. The USDA issues permits for keeping and breeding sure exotic species, whether captured from the wild or bred. In the United States, for example, it is illegal to import primates for the pet trade, but animals bred in captivity exist within the commerce, utilizing animals descended from those introduced in legally earlier than the ban was enacted. As of September 2014, most US states forbid or regulate the possession of exotic pets, however 5 states don’t have any license or permit requirements. Our Washington ranch consists of greater than acres, located in the magnificent Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. This ranch is located throughout the Columbia River from The Dalles, Oregon.