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Landis labored with Belushi on his character, who “hardly had any dialogue”; they determined that Bluto was a cross between Harpo Marx and the Cookie Monster. Belushi said he developed his ability to communicate without talking because his grandmother spoke little English. The Deltas are despondent, however Bluto rallies them with an impassioned speech. They determine to get revenge on Wormer, the Omegas, and the school. D-Day converts Flounder’s brother Fred’s damaged automotive into an armored car.

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) is now occupied by Bushnell University’s faculty of Education and Counseling. A massive boulder placed to the west of the parking entrance shows a bronze plaque commemorating the Delta House location. The concluding parade scene was filmed on Main Street in downtown Cottage Grove, about twenty miles south of Eugene through Interstate 5. “Pinto” was screenwriter Chris Miller’s nickname at his Dartmouth fraternity. DeWayne Jessie adopted the “Otis Day” name in his private life and continued touring with the band. Belushi initially received only $35,000 for Animal House, but was paid a bonus after the movie grew to become a hit. Landis additionally met with Meat Loaf in case Belushi turned down the position of Bluto.

a John Landis cameo as a cafeteria dishwasher who tries to stop Bluto from eating all the meals. Landis is dragged across a table and thrown to the floor by Bluto who then says “You don’t fuck with the eagles except you understand how to fly.” The film’s budget was so small that in the course of the 32 days of shooting in Eugene, mostly in November, Landis had no trailer or workplace and couldn’t watch dailies for 3 weeks. His spouse Deborah Nadoolman bought a lot of the costumes at local thrift shops, and she and Judy Belushi made the get together togas. Landis and Bruce McGill staged a scene for reporters visiting the set the place the director pretended to be offended at the actor for being difficult on the set.

Landis grabbed a breakaway pitcher and smashed it over McGill’s head. The reporters had been fully fooled, and when Landis requested McGill to get up, he refused to move.