5 Unique Pets that are Easy to Care

Having a unique pets is said to be able to increase happiness for the owner. In addition, the presence of pets at home can also reduce stress due to busy activities outside the home. However, not everyone likes this idea. Caring for a pet requires more time, effort and attention, and even more money. But, you don’t need to worry, because there are many types of unique pets that need to be cared for as follows.

Unique Pets

Guinea pigs

This one rodent pet is known for its affectionate and gentle nature. It’s not difficult to find guinea pigs, you can buy them at various pet stores and they’re not too expensive. This rodent is suitable for keeping for children and adults. Maintenance is pretty easy, all you need is a small, well-ventilated cage that already has aspen wood chips or paper in it, a rodent-safe water bottle and a feeder. Feed the guinea pig daily fresh green vegetables and don’t feed the guinea pig too many pellets.

Ornamental fish

Ornamental fish have become a favorite pet of all time. Watching it swim here and there gives its own satisfaction. The cost of buying ornamental fish and maintaining them is quite affordable. Before putting ornamental fish into the aquarium, you must have a fish tank that has a water filter and arranges sea plants and natural rocks in such a way as to suit the fish’s natural habitat. Give enough water and put the fish in the aquarium. Place the aquarium in a room that is exposed to sufficient sunlight. Feed fish food that is small and can be chewed easily twice a day.

Leopard geckos

Leopard geckos are inexpensive and easy to care for. These pets are tame and don’t need too much care. You can buy a leopard gecko at a pet store. Leopard geckos should be placed in a cage that resembles an aquarium. At the bottom of the cage, put some rocks, paper or tissue, and a container of water for drinking and bathing. Also put down some houseplants and items for shelter. These pets like insects to eat. Give the leopard gecko four to six insects to eat for one to two days.


Hamsters are one of the most famous pets. This is because hamsters are cute and adorable little animals. You can keep it at home at a fairly affordable price. This child-friendly pet should be kept in a fenced-in cage with wooden chips underneath for bedding and burrowing areas. Hamsters don’t like sunlight. Feed the hamster once a day with a variety of grains or small solid foods. Clean the food that he doesn’t eat so that the cage doesn’t get dirty and cause disease.

Little turtle

These pets are also animals that are easy to care for and inexpensive. Its small size fits into a small dwelling. These little turtles do not require large areas of land and are easy to clean. The food is in the form of pellets which must be adjusted to the preferences of the tortoise, whether he is herbivorous or omnivorous. Place the tiny turtle in a small transparent tank or container. Make sure that the place where he lives contains water that is not too much and there are rocks or wood that is wide enough for him to sleep and play. Clean the place of residence once every two weeks. Put it in a place that is exposed to enough sunlight.

5 Unique Pets that are Easy to Care