10 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Hair from Falling Out

Hair is a sign of a dog’s health. A thick and healthy coat is an indicator that your dog is being cared for properly and that he is getting what he needs. There are various ways to take care of your dog’s fur, ranging from healthy food to preventing him from disease.

Hair that looks dull and falling out is a sign that the dog is not being treated properly. Of course, every dog ​​owner wants his dog to have thick and pleasing to the eye.

Come on, see the explanation below about how to take care of dog hair so it doesn’t fall out easily.

Secret Tips for Keeping Dog’s Hair Healthy and Dense

Bathing Regularly

Bathe your dog at least once a week, the trick is to brush his fur with a special and soft brush. This is great for preventing the fur from getting tangled or clumping, which will prevent new hair from growing.

Balanced Nutrition and Healthy Food

As you know, dogs are carnivorous animals who really like to eat meat. Give your pet dog healthy meat or dog food in packaged form and don’t forget to always pay attention to the content and nutritional composition in it.

Fatty Acid Supplements

There are many fatty acids that you can get through fish oil, omega3, sunflower oil, saff flower oil, and omega6. These fatty acids can reduce itching on the dog’s skin. Choose one of the several that contain the above fatty acids and then consult with your veterinarian about the appropriate dose for his age.

Look for the Feather Parasite

Make sure you look for fur parasites such as fungi or fleas, when bathing them, clean them thoroughly from behind the ears and the folds inside their bodies. The trick is to scrub using a special dog brush.

Use the Right Shampoo

Give him a special shampoo for dogs, don’t give him any careless shampoo that can make his skin allergic. Don’t forget to also dry the fur after bathing using a dry towel, drying in the sun, or using a hairdryer.

Routinely Combing Her Fur

Comb his fur every day or at night before he sleeps. Comb gently from tail to head, then watch for signs of excessive hair loss and watch for progress in hair growth.

Checking Feather Health

Check regularly for hair density, brightness, and shedding presentation. Is it brilliant or dull then evaluate. If everything is in good condition then keep it. If your dog’s coat is bad, then you have to find out the reason and treat it accordingly.

Preventing Stress is an Important Factor for Healthy Dog Hair

Prevent Stress

Dogs who are stressed can affect the health of the coat, namely the fur becomes easy to fall out and is dull in color. You have to pay attention to his mood and condition so that you can make sure he is always happy and not sad. How to prevent stress can be by giving the best care, starting to invite him to play, the environment or nutrition.

Give Additional Supplements

Give your dog a special supplement or medication for fur that is available in pet shops. Observe the progress after you give the supplement, make sure the supplement gives real results and does not make the skin allergic.

Watch out for Intercourse

Don’t let your dog play in dirty locations. When letting him play, place your dog in the yard so that he has limited play area and doesn’t roam around a lot.

That’s all a review of tips for keeping dog hair from falling out easily. Don’t forget to apply it to everyday life and regularly read articles about dog health here. Hope it is useful!

10 Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Hair from Falling Out