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Based in Keston , we’re proud to be in the place of providing all of our prospects a wide range and number of grooming equipment and bespoke dog merchandise. Prepare a shallow pan of heat water and lather your guinea pig’s body with the shampoo. Rinse the shampoo off very nicely and towel dry your guinea pig as best as you can.

Based on your most popular grooming service choices, you’ll be able to focus on details over the cellphone or in particular person if you meet your stylists initially of your pet’s groom. Our market main product improvement comes from our hands-on expertise gained “out in the subject” since our institution within the 1990s.

Make certain your guinea pig stays in a pleasant heat place until it’s utterly dry to keep away from it getting a chill and getting sick. Bathing is sort of annoying for guinea pigs but fortunately there are just a few the reason why your guinea pig would ever must get a bath. Unless your guinea pig gets lice, gets urine or feces on its fur, or is about to be in a present or other competition, you may in all probability by no means have to wash it when you brush it frequently. If you do give your guinea pig a bath, use a shampoo designed particularly for guinea pigs. Otherwise, use a gentle unscented, non-medicated shampoo that is protected for use on kittens. Regular … Read More