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While brushing and brushing your guinea pig, you should also examine for issues corresponding to lice or sores on the skin. The need for brushing is determined by how long your guinea pig’s hair is and whether your guinea pig is shedding excessively. If your guinea pig has dark-coloured nails, you possibly can typically guess where it is protected to cut based on the form of the nail, though this takes follow. The tip of the nail is usually quite narrow and will almost seem hollow when viewed from the underside. Otherwise, it is most secure to simply clip off about 1/four inch of the nail tip.

Baths For Each Breed

Make certain your guinea pig stays in a pleasant warm place till it’s fully dry to keep away from it getting a chill and getting sick. Bathing is quite annoying for guinea pigs but thankfully there are only a few explanation why your guinea pig would ever have to get a shower. Unless your guinea pig gets lice, will get urine or feces on its fur, or is about to be in a present or other competitors, you may most likely never have to wash it when you brush it often. If you do give your guinea pig a bath, use a shampoo designed particularly for guinea pigs. Otherwise, use a gentle unscented, non-medicated shampoo that’s safe for use on kittens. Regular brushing will help keep your guinea pig’s coat in good situation. Use a small, … Read More