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Landis asked Sutherland, one of the popular film stars of the early 1970s, to be within the film. For two days of work, Sutherland declined the preliminary provide of $20,000 plus “factors” .

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Boyd even allowed the filmmakers to use his office as Dean Wormer’s. Belushi was thought of a supporting actor and Universal wanted another star. Landis had been a crew member on Kelly’s Heroes and had turn out to be associates with actor Donald Sutherland, sometimes babysitting his son Kiefer. He had additionally just worked with him on Kentucky Fried Movie.

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Universal then supplied him his day price of $25,000 or 2% of the film’s gross. The star’s participation, nonetheless, was essential; Landis later mentioned “It was Donald Sutherland who basically got the movie made.” Filming happened in Oregon from October to December 1977.

Following its initial release on July 28, 1978, Animal House acquired generally blended critiques from critics, however Time and Roger Ebert proclaimed it one of the yr’s finest. Filmed for less than $3 million, it garnered an estimated gross of greater than $141 million within the form of theatrical rentals and home video, not together with merchandising, making it the highest grossing comedy movie of its time. The film was produced by Matty Simmons of National Lampoon and Ivan Reitman for Universal Pictures. It was inspired by tales written by Miller and published in National Lampoon. The tales had been based mostly on … Read More