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It is a world of animals whereby the strongest of all animals survives primarily based on the regulation of the jungle. Millions of dogs and cats are destroyed annually because they do not have houses. Shelter directories similar to PetFinder are wonderful places to seek out adoptable animals near you. Wild animals can carry diseases harmful or fatal to humans. Diseases include rabies, distemper, herpes viruses, salmonella, polio, tuberculosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and bubonic plague. Wild animals also harbor parasites, such as intestinal worms and protozoa. Read about extra incredible rescues by animals on 10 Cases Of Animals Saving Humans From Certain Death and 10 Incredible Rescues By Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart.


Dolphins have been observed defending other animals from sharks. In New Zealand’s waters, sharks aren’t normally a significant menace to bottlenose dolphins, although they’ll attack a shark if they feel they’re at risk. Sometime in 2000, Kevin Hines determined he’d had sufficient of life. He was affected by bipolar disorder and despair and selected to commit suicide by drowning.

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Humpback whales are believed to be protecting of different animals due to their natural instinct to guard their very own young from predators. Dr. Rochelle Constantine of Auckland University School of Biological Sciences stated the incident was not unheard-of, although it was rare.

wild animals

This was not the first time a humpback whale had been noticed defending other animals from predators. In 2009, a humpback whale was photographed defending a Weddell seal from … Read More