How to Care for the Right Racehorse

For those of you who plan to keep horses, especially horses for racing needs, it is highly recommended to know how to take care of them. The importance of how to care for a horse will be different from how to care for other animals. Likewise, there are various types of horses, so of course this type of horse for racing needs different treatment from ordinary horse types. There are various things that must be considered and done even every day as part of an effort to take care of the racehorse.

Racehorses are horses that are used for the needs of racing sports. This race is usually associated with a type of sport where there is a rider who sits on the horse and then runs away from the horse. Meanwhile, there are various types of racing, ranging from ordinary street racing to sprinting or agility competitions. Even in addition there is also a so-called racing which is used as a medium to throw the ball by the riders on it.

Tips and How to Care for the Right Racehorse

For those of you beginners who may be new. Planning to take care of racehorses, there are several important things that must be considered. It’s a good idea to try to pay attention to some of these important things so that later the horse can grow and develop properly. It’s also important to practice and teach your horse to obey.

1) Residence/cage

The first thing to consider is the place where the horse lives. Animal habitation or commonly referred to as a cage is one of the places where the horse is placed. Usually, in one stable there are several horses or each cage only consists of one horse. There are several things that must be considered in choosing a place to live or the Horse Stable. Some of them, for example, about the size that must be free, then the cleanliness of the cage and also some other things.

2) Food or feed

Also the next thing you should pay attention to is the matter of the feed given to the horse. The feed given to the horse must be considered and ensured its health. Besides that, the nutrients given to horse feed must be appropriate. Usually you should have a minimum of 9 kg of feed for the horses you keep every day.

3) Horse body hygiene

Keeping the cage clean is important but it is also important for you to clean the body of the horse. Caring for the horse’s body can certainly be done using a variety of ways, including bathing it every day. In addition, it is also important that you then clean the horse’s body from many angles to be free of so-called dirt.

4) Prepare the grass outdoor land

It would also be better if the horses are not only fed in the stables but also you can take them out in a meadow. This means that you have to prepare a special area containing grass for the horse to eat. Thus, of course, the horse is also very important to pay attention to properly and correctly.

So those are some things that need to be considered in caring for horses, especially the type of racehorse. Also make sure to always train it so that later the Horse becomes obedient. In addition, also make sure that the horse is happy and not stressed because it has a very important role for body and mental growth. If necessary, you should also not only keep one horse, but several horse choices will be better.

How to Care for the Right Racehorse