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Welcome To The Avian & Unique Animal Clinic Of Az!

Thank you for helping us work by way of the means to the top of this unpredictable illness. This final 12 months has introduced quite a few challenges for all folks across our beloved planet. We have truly missed you; our vitality levels have diminished as a result of we can not interact, communicate and work together with you within the ways in which satisfy the “Why” of why we apply exotic animal drugs.

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We appreciate your trust in caring in your pets throughout this pandemic. Please know we’ve all the time strived to navigate our method by way of this pandemic thoughtfully while considering the viewpoints and issues of our diverse shopper base. We are on the lookout for a Veterinary Receptionist with experience normally unique animal data and shopper communication. Willing to simply accept applicants with limited exotics information whether it is supplemented with three + years as a veterinary receptionist in a excessive volume hospital.

For once, I really feel as though the employees and vet care in regards to the animals they deal with. They are, most significantly, compassionate to the homeowners and understand what it means to love a pet. Many small exotic pets are prohibited in certain areas for being invasive; California, Hawaii, and New Zealand have strict regulations to protect their native environments and agricultural operations. Ferrets, sugar gliders, and hedgehogs have numerous prohibitions on their possession. In the UK, voluntary organizations such because the “NCRW” and “SEEPR” absorb undesirable, unwell, or misplaced unique animals and nurse them back to full health earlier than rehoming them. An extraordinarily broad number of animals have been kept as pets or as farm stock.

exotic animal

Dr. Todd Driggers is an Avian Association of Veterinarians certified veterinarian with 20+ years of experience. Our other skilled veterinarians, Dr. Sarah McLaughlin, Dr. Alyssa Scagnelli, and Dr. Richard Funk, convey ample experience to the apply and are passionate about helping your exotic pets keep healthy and pleased. Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic of AZ provides superior medical care on your unique pets, ranging wherever from birds to reptiles, amphibians to mammals, fish to insects, and extra!

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We are also the primary and oldest exotic pet unique practice in Arizona. This is a posh and divisive problem, and we’re striving to find a balanced strategy as we transfer forward. We are thanking you in advance for respecting the sovereignty of our path forward and out of this pandemic. We have lost several purchasers which we contemplate part of our AEAC household and we would like you to know; we see you and share in your grief.